Creating a Local ISO Storage Repository on XenServer

Trying to find a quick and painless way to add an ISO storage repository to your XenServer without using CIFS or NFS? I was searching for just that after attaching an external USB drive with all my ISOs to my XenServer (running version 5.6 FP1, aka “Cowley”, in my case). Since there’s no direct method for this I used a little trial-and-error and came up with the following steps, to be run at the CLI. First, you need to identify and prepare the disk so after plugging it into your XenServer run the following commands (replacing /dev/sdb with the /dev node returned in the first command).

ls -l /dev/disk/by-id | grep usb

fdisk /dev/sdb

If you’re unfamiliar with fdisk on Linux, use the following documentation for guidance, You’ll need to format the partition for Linux (Partition ID = 83). The final step in preparing the disk is to create an EXT3 filesystem on your desired partition. In my case I created a single partition, so it looks like this.

mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdb1

With everything prepped and ready to go you need to create a mount point and then mount the drive.

mkdir /mnt/wd500gb/ISO

mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/wd500gb/ISO

This will be enough to run through the rest of the tutorial, but you’ll need to add the USB drive to the /etc/fstab in order for it to be mounted every time the XenServer reboots and attempts to reconnect the Storage Repository. The following commands will create the actual Storage Repository (use the UUID returned by the pbd-create command as input for the pbd-plug command — it will differ from the below). You can change the name-label for the SR to something appropriate for your environment and you’ll need to change the name-label in the host-list command to match your XenServer as well as the mount point you used (I’ve bolded them for clarity):


xe sr-introduce name-label=“ldf-xs-01:/mnt/wd500gb/ISO” content-type=iso shared=false type=iso uuid=${UUID}

xe sr-param-set other-config:auto-scan=true uuid=${UUID}

xe pbd-create host-uuid=`xe host-list name-label=ldf-xs-01 —minimal` sr-uuid=${UUID} device-config:location=“/mnt/wd500gb/ISO” device-config:options=”-o bind”

xe pbd-plug uuid=8f5d37c8-775e-aff1-0943-e470576372d2

Keep in mind that this was tested in a single server resource pool, isn’t intended for production usage and you’ll only be able to access the ISOs from the XenServer where you attached the USB drive.


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