Troubleshooting NetScaler Configuration Utility launch failures


If you’re having problems launching the NetScaler Configuration Utility, here are a few troubleshooting steps which should come in handy. I was recently working with a customer that had a pair of boxes in one datacenter that worked just fine and a pair of boxes in another datacenter that failed to load.

  • Network Connectivity – Verify that you can ping and/or SSH into the NetScaler appliance(s).
  • Java Ports – Verify that you can connect to the ports used by Java. If you’re accessing the NetScaler GUI over HTTP then the Java port is TCP/3010. If you’re accessing the GUI over HTTPS then the Java port is TCP/3008. A simple telnet to the correct port should verify no firewalls are blocking communication.
  • Proxy Servers – Verify your browser and java proxy settings. Don’t overlook the java proxy settings and assume it matches/defers to your browser. This was ultimately my customer’s problem. Easiest way to test for errors is connecting to the java port from within your browser, e.g. http://<NSIP>:3010 or https://<NSIP>:3008. We had to change the java proxy settings to “Use Direct Connection” to resolve the launch issue.
  • Client Workstation – If possible, do a quick test from another workstation to ensure it’s not a connectivity problem specific to one machine.
  • Restart the HTTPD process on the NetScaler:
  • Last, but not least, break out Wireshark and do some tracing to pin-point where the communication flow is breaking down.
If you’ve got any other quick tips for troubleshooting this type of issue that I missed, post ‘em in the comments.
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