CEREBRO: NetScaler Gateway analysis for XenMobile deployments

The release of XenMobile 9.0 a couple weeks ago is a pretty big accomplishment, in itself, but along with shipping a solid product our internal support teams have been toiling away on some updated troubleshooting tools to coincide with the release.

One of those tools, CEREBRO, has been available internally for testing the last few months and is now available for partners and customers to download. You can grab it from the XenMobile 9.0 Enterprise Edition download page, after logging into your MyCitrix account.

  • Login to MyCitrix: https://www.citrix.com/account
  • Select Downloads, XenMobile, Product Software
  • Select XenMobile 9.0 Enterprise Edition
  • Expand Tools and click Download next to Cerebro


That’s great, but what does it do, you ask?

From the FAQ, available in the zip file:

CEREBRO is a diagnostic tool developed to help analyze and debug XenMobile deployments.

CEREBRO is a Windows executable, that can be fed NetScaler Gateway configuration (ns.conf), post which the tool can do analysis, and point out likely issues. It also provides recommendations on fixing the issues found.

CEREBRO can also perform online connectivity checks with the back end servers that are configured with the Netscaler Gateway server. To achieve this, CEREBRO needs to be run on a machine (Windows) from which the Netscaler Gateway Server is reachable.  You can also run a Command line tool on the NetScaler Gateway server to get the back end server connectivity status.

Analysis of NetScaler configuration validates the configuration for XenMobile setup and can point to missing policies, syntactical issues and consistency issues. Based on the issues identified by configuration analysis, CEREBRO gives clear and concise recommendations on fixing the same.

The FAQ also includes step-by-step usage instructions for both ONLINE and OFFLINE analysis options.

Happy Troubleshooting!

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