This just in, X1 welcomed as overlord

I, for one, welcome our new X1 overlords..

Earlier today, Richard Hayton and Manu Chauhan announced the tech preview release of X1 Storefront and Receiver X1 for Web and I’ve been excited since I saw Richard demo it earlier this year.

Homage to Kent Brockman aside, I think this update is deserving of attention. I’ve spent the better part of 6 years listening to enterprises (from the smallest of small, to the largest of large) describe their wants, desires and challenges delivering simple, secure and seamless access to critical business applications, desktops and data. Many have looked to Citrix for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions, others leverage it for line of business applications and there are those that use Citrix as their primary desktop and application solution.

Over all those years, through all of the conversations, conference calls, GoToMeetings, WebExes, LiveMeetings, Proof of Concepts there are 4 building blocks, if you will, I’ve been discussing, demonstrating and architecting:

  • Client
  • Gateway (optional)
  • Resource Aggregator
  • Infrastructure

Ignoring the “Infrastructure” for a moment, 2 of the 3 (and in some cases the remaining is optional) just got a major overhaul. We’re not talking “Citrix added a new theme, yay” or “Citrix changed the look again..still need those WI features” – no, this is the first hint at an evolved Client/Resource Aggregator and even better integration should you look at NetScaler as your Gateway of choice. With an extensible Client able to connect securely to an extensible Resource Aggregator, the underlying infrastructure becomes amorphous – a commodity resource (physical/virtual, on-premise/off-premise, owned/leased)  and to a certain extent irrelevant. The goal has always been in seamlessly connecting an employee with their workspace, so they can be as productive as possible wherever they are. Yes, there are countless design decisions related to the infrastructure, but without the right client/gateway/aggregator (user experience) none of it matters.

Receiver X1 is about uniting the Citrix experience, across both client and server components – Receiver X1 for Web and X1 Storefront “today”, X1 XenMobile Server “tomorrow” – and I’m excited to dig in and see what the future holds.


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