Hello XenCenter Consoles+

First, I’d like to say thanks to everyone that checked out Better XenCenter. The response to my first release has been extremely positive and for that I’m thankful. As a way to show my appreciation, I’ve get a new version of the plugin for everyone. New features include:

  • Revamped the tab pages. Instead of assuming the URL and always going there, you now have to configure a custom field called xcpURL and provide the URL you would like loaded. This enables support for HTTPS & FQDNs and by extension can reduce the security warning dialogs.
  • Added an About page which includes detailed usage instructions. It’s a “xencenter-only” tab, so it’ll be on the parent XenCenter node.

The other major change is that I’ve renamed the plugin to XenCenter Consoles+. I think its a more fitting name and removes the implied deficiency in XenCenter itself.

Announcing the Better XenCenter plugin

UPDATE (01/23/2011): The Better XenCenter plugin has been renamed XenCenter Consoles+. The old landing page will redirect you to the new one automatically. See my announcement for details on the name change.

A lot of people may not be aware of this, but XenCenter, the management console for Citrix XenServer, supports 3rd-party plugins and even has a community site for people interested in developing their own. I’m proud to say that I’m now one of those people. I’ve spent the last couple weeks working on a new XenCenter plugin that I call Better XenCenter.

Inspired by the Access Gateway, NetScaler and Branch Repeater VPX plugins already available on the community site I decided to replicate their functionality, but also expand upon it to include other management consoles. Right now Better XenCenter supports 10 different management consoles and I intend to keep it updated as I test new virtual appliances or receive requests from the XenServer community. Find out more about the plugin on its dedicated page: Better XenCenter.

You should expect to see a few updates in the coming weeks, as I plan to enhance the plugin’s functionality with a PowerShell configuration script and support for custom URLs. I’m also planning to include some PowerShell scripts that automate routine CLI tasks. I’ve got a couple brewing and am always open to requests/feedback from others.

Leave a comment below or on the project page with your questions or requests.